This fake Rolex water ghost has become a must-have replica watch for many replica lovers

Whether you understand the table or do not understand the table, but when you talk about fake Rolex, you will understand, because in China, replica Rolex is a high-end watch in the public watch, is a proof of identity. But when it comes to Rolex, the one that everyone knows is the water ghost, so that the replica industry has become a hot sale, from the initial look to the Panerai replica version of V7. Make this replica Rolex water ghost become a must-have replica watch for many replica lovers. Today, the watch is to discuss with you the N factory Rolex water ghost fire in the end what is it? Is business marketing doing well or strength?

Letã ¦irst look at the improvements that the latest version of V7 is now.

1. The color of the green water ghost's ceramic ring is closer to the original, and it is lighter and brighter than the previous version.

2. The inner ring lettering has a finer texture and a lighter color.

3. The bezel white gold scale is more detailed fake watches, no obvious graininess, and the color is closer to the original white gold.

4. The inner ring lettering upgrade, the same technology as the original, you can see the obvious two inner and outer rings.

5. The sapphire glass has a more rounded corner.

6. The surface fonts are reprinted and all changed to the latest version of the long ft font.

7. The surface of the Green Water Ghost is re-made and the color is closer to the original.

8. Strap edge polishing upgrade.

9. When the water ghost extension buckle is opened, the inner side is replaced with the same black ceramic grain as the original.

10. The inside of the buckle is changed to polished, which is consistent with the latest original version.

11. The luminous beads are upgraded, and the inside corner of klockor kopior the metal part of the luminous beads is now available, and the effect looks the same as the original. Also equipped with A2836 movement and SA3135 movement.